Benefits of sleeping on the floor instead of a mattress.

Benefits of sleeping on the floor instead of a mattress.
We spend one-third of our life sleeping that's approximately eight hours a day and many of you who are not sleeping correctly or in the right postural position.
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we obviously think that we buy a bed because it's comfortable but the problem was something that's too comfortable is that we get into awkward positions and we lose the stability of keeping our spine in the right postural position. when we think of posture it's not only when we stand upright but it's also when we lie down or even when we set up. So, if your spine is in a wrong position for eight hours out of the twenty-four hours in a day and the ligaments the muscles the tendons as well as the nerves, they will become active. meaning that if there's excessive stress on those joints you can then start getting this inflammation nerve inflammation, muscle spasm, muscle cramping, stiff neck, pain in the lower back, pain down the leg and the list can go on and on and on.
One thing you must keep in mind that you must get away from the soft mattress. studies tell that being on your back is definitely the best position for the spine to be in. It helps keep the spine in line and helps keep everything in a neutral plane. but studies also tell that being on a hard surface helps keep the spine in a better position. So, you'll have less muscle spasm and less stress.
when you're sleeping on the ground use a yoga mat or soft little bedsheet, or just lay directly on the carpet alone.
when you wake up you will not have pain or discomfort. when you first start this process being on the floor you may wake up with a little bit of soreness but that will last for two or three days.
hopefully, you'll see a lot of relief of the muscle spasm you wake up more refreshed and hopefully, you'll feel like a refreshing and confident person.
Who can benefit from sleeping on the ground?
anybody if they have hip issues or shoulder issues if you deal with neck stiffness, lower back pain, upper back pain if you deal with discs or nerve inflammation, or if you have a strain thoracic or anything like that this can be a major benefit for you. but before you start practicing sleeping on the ground if you do have a serious condition please check with your health care professional before doing this.

the benefits of sleeping on the ground

1) It allows your muscles to fully rest when you lay on the hard ground. your body it cannot sink into the mattress, it will actually bring you to proper postural position meaning that you're going to be laying on your skeleton completely and that's going to allow for muscles to fully rest and recover.

2) Aligned Hips: So many Issues come from misaligned hips, Imbalanced Muscles and body, Poor Posture, and misaligned boned can trap nerves. A Straight wooden floor realigns the hips.

3) Aligned Shoulders: Misaligned shoulders can put a strain on your Neck and Back, causing chronic pain and even Headache. The consequences of a misaligned body take time to show up but it’s the details that many ignore which cause the greatest injuries. sleeping on the floor is perfect to realign the shoulders.

4) Reduce Lower back pain: As the spine straightens and lengthens you get that feeling of release in your lower back and throughout your spine.

5) Overall it helps re-align the spine the hips the shoulders and the neck. so, it really puts your body in the proper postural position it keeps your lower back from rolling inwards it keeps your upper back from being bent and it keeps your shoulders from rolling inwards, as well and it puts your body into a perfect posture position.
A lot of us sit at a desk all day and we sit there with our shoulders and maybe our neck goes downward looking at a computer and all this plays major issues and having things like nerve or disk inflammation or stiff neck or rolled shoulders and shoulder pain and stuff like that, and the way we can combat this it's just simply sleeping on the ground it's just really that easy.

6)  It helps prevent spasms discs and nerve inflammation and neck stiffness if you're somebody that deals with issues like that on a daily basis, sleeping on the ground is going to be great for that and that's simply because it begins to re-align the spine and  allows the whole body to fully rest and recover.

7) Posture: You cannot achieve a nice lengthened posture if the pillow or mattress takes the shape of your head and body. It means that if your Head and Neck are in a wrong position, they will take that shape.  today more than ever we have postural issues and when you sleep on the ground, you're going to be opening up your body the way, it should be.

8) It can actually increase certain chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine. because it gets you that proper posture. certain brain chemicals will enhance your mood enhance your confidence and you just start to feel more powerful now those are the benefits of sleeping on the ground.


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