Convalescent Plasma Therapy- A possible treatment for COVID-19 / Blood Plasma Therapy

Convalescent Plasma Therapy- A possible treatment for COVID-19
Coronavirus disease COVID-19 has caused havoc around the world. Till now millions of people have died.
Scientists from all over the world are engaged in finding a cure for this new coronavirus. Vaccine trials are also underway.
But the vaccine may have to wait at least another year.
Until then, scientists and researchers are exploring new and different routes. One such treatment that is currently under discussion is plasma therapy.
After China and the US, India has now developed a protocol to conduct clinical trials of plasma therapy.
Plasma therapy technique is to use antibodies taken from the blood of patients who have fully recovered from COVID-19
It is for the treatment of those who are getting weak in fighting this disease. This antibody strengthens their immunity and helps to fight the disease more effectively.
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The patient of COVID-19 who is cured of this disease has antibodies fighting this disease in his blood. After injecting this antibody into a new patient, they will start fighting with the novel coronavirus. Due to this the power of the patients to fight with the virus is doubled and he is more likely to be able to defeat this virus, that is, the chances of getting cured of this disease are increased. This is called plasma therapy.
Plasma therapy is similar to a vaccination, according to researchers, it is a preventive measure, not a cure for the disease.
This therapy can also be used on high-risk groups - such as health workers, patient’s families, and other high-risk groups.
So, let's know how plasma therapy works?
An antibody is a response to a patient's body's natural defense system, that is, immunity, which develops to fight against external viruses or pathogens.
And these antibodies are made to fight the same disease, hence, work to eliminate coronavirus from the patient's body.
Once the patient is cured, they donate their blood so that their antibodies can be used to treat other patients.
Donors are allowed to donate blood after two weeks of recovery ie 14 days and after their test is negative twice. One needs to be physically fit to donate blood.
Donated blood is tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV etc. When all these test results came negative and the blood is considered safe, they begin the process of extracting 'plasma' from the blood, the plasma is the yellow liquid part of the blood that contains antibodies.
Antibody-containing plasma, once removed, is released into the new patient's body under treatment.

So far Delhi Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Kerala, Gujarat, these states have started trials of blood plasma therapy
ICMR and CDSCO have approved for plasma therapy. CDSCO has stated that before vaccines were developed, plasma therapy was historically used in many viral diseases such as measles, mumps, and influenza.
According to John Hoffkins University, plasma therapy has been in use since 1890, to combat diseases such as measles, Ebola, H1N1 flu, and polio. The university has also mentioned the SARS outbreak when a clinical trial of this therapy was conducted on 80 people in Hong Kong. In which this therapy was benefited
But plasma therapy for coronavirus is still in an experimental phase and can even become a "life-threatening" patient.
Senior Health Ministry official Luv Aggarwal has stated, "There is no firm evidence to support plasma therapy as a coronavirus treatment. These therapies are still in a pilot phase and the Indian Council of Medical Research has conducted a national study on it." Still working.
It can also be life-threatening if not done carefully, "
Hope that its results are good and the chances of death from this disease will be reduced.
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